Leveraging our team’s expertise and strategic partnerships, we provide solutions tailored to the needs of the life sciences: 

Pharma and Biotech

Competitive insights for biotechnology

We provide competitive insights for biotechnology companies in clinical diagnostics, precision medicine, and the medical device industry.

Strategic Advisory

Data & Analytics


Medical Content & Strategy

Not just passive observers

Having first-hand experience in the clinical applications of new technologies, we're uniquely qualified to address the needs of our clients in this space.

For clients such as HealthTech, health & wellness companies, and medical practices, we provide solutions that show our deep understanding of medicine, biomedical research, and how new products create value for patients.

Medical Strategy

Medical Content & Research

At Juniper, we believe that the careful use of data can help our clients to rethink their business, maximize profits, and enhance their value proposition. In health care, this can translate into superior patient care, efficient operations, and meaningful research.”

—Samuel Sarmiento, Founder & President